Christie refuses to make ‘hard political sell’ to Latinos

By: Ryan LoveLace 

CLEVELAND — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday urged Hispanics gathered in Cleveland to vote, but didn’t go so far as to tell them to vote for Donald Trump.

“I’m not here to make the hard political sell, I’m here to tell you the truth as I see it,” Christie told the Latino Coalition audience. “Let us not vote on anything other than what we believe to be in our broad national interest and what we hope to be in our family’s personal best interest.”

Christie explained his own decision to back Trump in 2016 by saying, “This is a binary choice. It’s not a political science experiment.”

The governor explained he supported Trump before the primaries ended because he believed Trump’s nomination was inevitable.

“I’ll be honest with you today, Donald Trump was not my first choice for president, I was,” Christie said to laughs from the crowd. “But I want you to all understand that I made the choice to support Donald Trump not only because he’s been my friend for 14 years, but because I actually was completely confident he was going to be the Republican nominee for president, and last night he became the Republican nominee for president.”

Christie argued that politics is not a “spectator sport,” and said any decision not to vote would benefit Clinton. The governor spoke at the GOP convention on Tuesday night and sparked chants of “lock her up” aimed at Clinton.

After losing the race to Trump’s running mate, Christie is expected to campaign heavily for Trump elsewhere in the run up to November.

Cited: Washington Examiner